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What Does a Social Media Content Creator Do?

Have you ever wondered what a Social Media Content Creator is and why your business may benefit from one? A Social Media Content Creator is the person who is accountable for creating and distributing content on your businesses social networks. They post on social media, manage general content, write posts according to your brand’s voice and social strategy, and respond to users and followers. With 71% of small businesses having some form of online presence, they will also have an employed content creator. If you are part of that 29% that are not on social media – this is your sign to change that.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Social Media Content Creator?

In order to be a successful Social Media Content Creator, you must have a set of certain skills. One skill that you need in order to be successful within the role is excellent communication. Social media is fundamentally a platform for communication. Thereby if you work as a social media content creator, it is critical that you have effective communication skills that can be used on any platform, to any character limit, to any audience.

Organisation is also a key skill to have in order to be a successful content creator. Social media is ever changing. You have to be able to keep up with what’s popular, adapt your content to fit the trends, and meet deadlines of when to put relevant content out. Which also makes time management a crucial skill to have, as you must be able to take advantage of certain periods/events where you can increase your content distribution. 

Most importantly, you need to have a creative mind. Being a content creator means that you are responsible for generating brand awareness online – therefore, you need to be creative in order to think of content and ideas that will stand out against your competitors 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Social Media Content Creator? 

A Social Media Content Creator involves having a variety of responsibilities. For example, they have the responsibility of producing graphics for social media as well as posting it. They must at least know the basics of photoshopping programmes, in order to create aesthetically pleasing content for their audience. Additionally, they must have a strong understanding of each social media platform that the business uses. They must be able to identify what their specific audience wants to see, on what platform, and when. 

As well, having excellent writing skills is crucial to being a successful content creator. Being able to be witty, concise, and appropriate with the text you put out to your audience is important. Understanding what are buzzwords, how to use them, and why they are important is critical to growing your audience. 

Lastly, it is often thought that a content creator primarily focuses on the brands online presence. However, there is a large aspect of the role that looks at data, analytics, and research. You need this skill in order to identify why your content may not be engaging your audience, then what will appeal to them. Enabling you to make informed decisions in order to benefit your audience and brand.

How Can Leedle Help You?

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