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Social Media Executive vs. Influencer: What’s the Difference?

Social Media Executive, Social Media Manager, Social Media Coordinate, Social Media Influencer… It’s impossible to avoid becoming confused because they all sound identical! Careers within social media are booming more than ever, from Gen-Z’s rapid growth in TikTok, and their spike in Instagram influencers – it’s no wonder that 90% of businesses use social media within their company strategy. 

As more companies hire for positions regarding social media, it’s important to understand the differences between these professions. This is because they can be very confusing due to their many similarities. A Social Media Executive and Social Media Influencer, are just a couple of roles that have risen in demand for businesses. But, what is the difference? 

What is a Social Media Executive? 

According to Digital Vidya, a Social Media Executive is “is an individual who handles all the social media activities of an enterprise”. The social media activities are here referred to the social media campaigns, promotions, and social media ad campaigns.” On average in the UK, a Social Media Executive earns around £25,000 , with more experienced professionals they can earn £30,000. 

What do they do?

A Social Media Executive has a large amount of responsibilities, such as: Creating written pieces that are effective at promoting their audience to engage, collaborating with Videographers and Multimedia Designers, scheduling copy for release at optimal times, monitoring users’ engagement with and feedback on every posts, and analysing the effects of publications.

What is a Social Media Influencer?

A Social Media Influencer is somebody who has a large reach on social media and is relatively well known on multiple platforms. The term ‘influencer’ originates from the phrase ‘to influence’, and has been used online since the early 2000s. Social Media Influencers can use their following to spread  the word about certain topics or to advertise products or businesses.

What do they do?

Social Media Influencers have duties such as: scheduling posts, crafting and editing content, sharing highly visible links to business websites, combing through your audience’s feedback to analyse insights, adhering to sponsorship guidelines, and conveying authentic enthusiasm.

The most important trait of a social media influencer is the latter. Being enthusiastic, entertaining, and genuine is what most businesses look for when scouting an influencer.

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