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How COVID-19 Increased The Demand for Social Media Services

With the abrupt increase of entertainment and commerce becoming digitised in 2020, this inevitably changed consumers’ lifestyle and social media habits. Consequently, this caused the demand for Social Media Services to rise greatly. Reports show, the percentage of retail brands that began using two or more social media platforms in 2020, was at a staggering 91%. With businesses having no choice but to come to a standstill, the digitisation of brands was inevitable. Ultimately, becoming the primary way businesses connected with their customers. 

Why COVID-19 Increased The Demand For Social Media Services

Amidst the unpredictably and chaos of COVID-19, the demand for Social Media Services was higher than ever – this was due to the majority of the population having to stay at home.

Businesses had to react rapidly and skillfully, in an attempt to continue business like normal. 

Vision experts Lenstore, came out with a report, stating that 76% of people were spending more time on their mobile phones in 2020. This coerced businesses to move online, however, many people were clueless as to where to start. As well as people moving their businesses online, many people began creating them – this then increased the competition. Approximately 770,000 new businesses were created in the UK that year, an all-time UK record. 

How Did Social Media Services Help During This Time?

With many people bewildered by moving their company from physical to online, owners began to turn to Social Media Services. They offered a range of help during the challenging times. 

One example of how they helped during the pandemic was creating marketing strategies. Companies who invested in Social Media Services were able to adapt quickly in the dramatic change from physical to digital business. This is because digital marketing teams were able to guide their companies to bring their audience together with online events and zoom calls.

In addition to this, these services helped businesses become discoverable online. Adjusting to managing a business online can be stressful, but Social Media Services took that stress and responsibility over. This is because they have the correct tools and programmes in place to help. 

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