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Digital Booklet Design Ideas

Let’s face it: unlike digital versions, physical print booklets are thrown in the recycling or piled with other pointless items. Often or not, the booklets contain a lot of informative content as well, which is unfortunate. Print booklets, however, have numerous issues. Because readers can’t quickly find the precise information they need, they lose interest. Additionally, businesses cannot be certain that their materials are even being read. Businesses would lose out on potential customers by not having a digital booklet in 2023, when everything is digitised. That is why an eye-catching, digital booklet design is vital in increasing sales and engagement!

What is a digital booklet?

A digital booklet is an electronic publication that frequently acts as a business’s marketing, sales, and promotion tool. It has an appealing design, engaging features, and informative content about the company, its goods, and services. A direct link to an online booklet is typically provided, making it simple to email, embed, and share on social media. It’s a great way to strengthen the online marketing strategy for your company. 

A well-designed booklet does a lot to increase the brand recognition of the company it represents. It offers a fantastic foundation for a product that is both visually appealing and information-rich. Additionally, creating digital booklets provides your business with even more interesting chances to stand out in the crowd.

Digital Booklet Design Inspo

You want to ensure your booklet design reflects your business and is enlightening. People will perceive your company as dull and uninformative if your booklet is uninteresting and colourless. This will result in them scrolling past and not engaging. However, if your booklet is aesthetically pleasing and readable – it will encourage visitors to engage. What to include in your digital booklet design to make it effective:

  • Links to your business accounts
  • Eye Catching cover
  • Pop-up images
  • Interactive content to encourage engagement
  • Videos
  • Bold Colours to catch people’s attention
  • Concise paragraphs
  • Clear subheadings so it is easy to navigate
  • Include a summary of who your business is
  • Reasons why people should choose you
  • Contact information
  • Your businesses mission
  • Customer Reviews


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