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Blog Writer vs. Content Writer: What’s the Difference?

Though there are many similarities between a blog writer and a content writer, there are also many differences, making them more distinct than you might believe. The main difference between the two is the purpose of writing, which we will discuss throughout this article. One uses a more formal and corporate tone, whereas the other uses a more conversational tone to entertain their audience. Nevertheless, both are very good starting points to begin your writing career. So, what is the distinction between the two?

What is a Content Writer?

To understand what a content writer is, we must first define the term. A content writer, by definition, creates and polishes the material that appears on a professional website. Copywriting, SEO, and corporate content production are all part of the process. A content writer frequently wears numerous hats since they do so many things. They are primarily concerned, however, with producing concise, highly accessible language for a private company’s website. Every sentence must reflect the core ideals of the organisation for which they are writing.

What is a Blog Writer?

The primary distinction between a blog writer and a content writer is that a blog writer writes for themselves. A blog writer uses less formal prose and employs a more conversational tone. Their goal is to create intriguing content for readers to enjoy. They are not attempting to deliver a certain message to a specific demographic. They write to provoke thinking, entertain, and keep readers interested. As they are not writing for a specific audience or company, blog writers have more leeway to express their opinions and ideas.


Ultimately, a content writer has to write according to the business they are writing for. Using SEO and copywriting techniques, they will produce prose that will help the businesses website rank higher, and get more recognition. Whereas a blog writer has more freedom, they are writing to entertain and strike conversation. They are not writing for a specific business, and are not necessarily writing to rank said website higher.


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